The Ortiz Family

I had so much fun photographing a family friend of ours 2 beautiful children. His son is his twin and he will definitely have to own a shot gun. His little girl is beautiful and so very perfect. How lucky was I to capture these two beauties. Despite the fact that they wore my opposing teams jersey. Thank you Ortiz Family!!

The Wines Family

What a gorgeous fall day in Lamoille we were lucky to have. The leaves were bright and beautiful and the Wines family was lively and full of so many laughs and smiles. Holli is a leader in Rodan & Fields, a successful one too. She asked me to take a couple headshots and they turned out beautiful and show cased her personality perfectly. Dad and son were able to play in the leaves. I had so much fun and didn’t want the session, or fun, to end. We called it quits after a perfect family shot of the 3 of them. Thank you wines family for a fun shoot!

The Phillips Family

What a beautiful evening this was with the Phillips family! It wasn’t too cold or too hot. It was a perfect fall evening full of leaves and laughter. What a joy it was to photograph this family and how gorgeous are their children!? Beautiful blue eyes and so much energy. I was also able to get some pictures of just Mom and Dad. Just like date night, I think pictures of just husband and wife is so very important. Thank you Phillips family for a beautiful fall evening.

Laura with LASH

Snuff & Kelli Get Hitched!

untitled-222 untitled-217 untitled-213 untitled-184 untitled-182 7 2 untitled-140 untitled-141 untitled-50 untitled-2-3_pp untitled-1-10_pp untitled-242 9 untitled-243 untitled-25 untitled-125My  second shooter (Kristi Bowen) and I arrived on the outskirts of Wells, Nevada on a beautiful Ranch. The bride and her Bridesmaids were relaxing and getting ready for the big day in a beautiful Old country home. Kelli was all smiles as she put her dress on to marry the man of her dreams. Snuff waited with the guys, of course until last minute, to get ready. They were married under a beautiful Arch surrounded by their closest family and friends. The love between them was palpable as they saw each other for the first time. I feel so lucky to have been able to capture such loving and beautiful moments between them. Thank you Snuff and Kelli for letting us be a part of such a beautiful day full of love and laughter! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you both.

Laura with LASH

New Babies, Big Sisters And A Wedding Dress

One of my very, very first photo shoots I ever had the pleasure of doing was of a cute baby girl by the name of Sawyer. So when her Mom and Hubby asked me to capture their newest little one with big sis soy. I could not say no! Miss Evaleigh is her name and she is just as beautiful as her older sister was as a baby! This Momma has beautiful babies. Both sisters co operated and showed so much love. Even first time dad was a trooper. The very end we put miss sawyer in her Mommy’s wedding dress. What amazing moments I was able to capture for them. Even grandma got in on the fun!Grandpa Pearce IMG_1726 IMG_1830 IMG_1844_pp IMG_1881 IMG_1992

Outlaws First Annual Women’s Ranch Rodeo

What an amazing day I had photographing such powerful and beautiful women! I was so happy when Kelli Plocher, one of my  brides and now friend, invited me to photograph the event. I hope you all enjoy the pictures as much as I did taking them. Feel free to take them off this site. All I ask is for a little love back by giving me photo credit by linking my fb page. Thanks again ladies and thanks Kelli!! I truly have the best brides!

Laura Petersen with Lash Photography

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Welcome To My Blog!

11667391_10204778160762934_4931341606166043685_n   I am a wife and Mom of 3, a spunky 6 year old first grader, Lilli, a sweet and sometimes sour 4yr old BOY Ashley. Yes, you read that correctly, a boy named Ashley, but we call him Ash most the time. Who keeps us on our toes and a 1 1/2 yr old Hank who is busy trying to keep up with his siblings and is growing much too fast. The biggest kid of them all and the one who keeps me grounded and often is my right hand at weddings, my husband Doug.  I  love my kids so very much and they can be my most challenging subject, but my passion and love is capturing moments in time you can’t get back. Whether that is your family as it is now, growing or leaving the nest. First birthdays, babies first day of life. Starting your chapter as a couple or as parents. I love to capture them all! I especially love capturing couples who are starting their lives together. I love a couple who is in love! I am very talkative and easy going photographer. I love to laugh and make my clients as comfortable as possible. I love getting to know my clients on a personal level and capture their unique personalities. I look forward to blogging each session I get the privilege to capture!

Always Your Photographer,

Laura Petersen

Huff Wedding

I had the pleasure of documenting, from beginning to end. The wedding of Tyler Huff and Reanna Huff! The wedding took place over the water at our local college on a clear day at 3pm surrounded by their closest family and friends. It was a beautiful day start to finish! The love and joy in their eyes was breathtaking to capture. I feel blessed they chose me!